The Subtle Signs Of Anxiety

lady feeling stressed and anxious

The human body naturally goes through a degree of anxiety from time to time. For some, it is a passive feeling that is less impactful. For some, it can become crippling, so much that it becomes a disorder. It is important to state that suffering from certain signs of anxiety is a natural trait for a human. It acts as a protective shield to our warning system when there are danger or fear sets in.

Consider anxiety is a form of overprotection. The feeling can confuse and exhaust a human, sometimes so much that its beyond control.

The problem with one who struggles with an anxiety disorder is the debilitating impact it can have on humans actions, behaviours and overall mental health.

In order to start controlling anxiety, the first couple of steps are understanding the signs and types of anxiety. Below lists the subtle signs of anxiety that you may not be aware of today.

a lady feeling anxious and depressed

Constant Worry

A response to an event that triggers worrying is a sign of anxiety. The worrying could occur out of nowhere in the mind which you struggle to control. The worry may sometimes be intrusive, making it hard to concentrate on the day ahead. When the worry becomes uncontrollable, it is a sign of anxiety disorder. At times, you may feel like you’re in a state of anxiety without a trigger, like a frantic feeling lingering in the background.

Feeling Restless

Sometimes, humans can feel a sense of ‘being on edge’ or generally feeling uncomfortable within their environment. This can cause frantic movements such as pacing around your environment with a sense of confusion. Feeling restless is common when one has moved away from some sort of routine where they’re now faced with an unknown element in front of them. This is also a trigger for anxiety.

Trouble Getting To Sleep Or Gaining Sleep

When anxious, the mind is clouded with thoughts and your body goes through a fearful, nervous feeling that can make it difficult for you to sleep. Your adrenaline levels will also be high and this may likely be attributed to insomnia. On the flip side, you may stay sleeping for a lengthy period of time during the day. When this happens, you wake up feeling groggy, irritable and your cognitive function suffers.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks introduce a strong sense of fear. When this happens, you become frightened and it can feel debilitating. When suffering with a panic attack, you have difficult controlling your breathing, you begin to feel sweaty unexpectedly, chest tightness and nausea. It can be difficult to control your breathing levels when you’re panicking, and they can happen frequently at unexpected times.

lady suffering with anxiety

These subtle signs of anxiety can occur frequently, and it can occur either unconciously, meaning you’re not fully present with what you’re thinking at the moment, or consciously, where an external issue in your life is triggering the anxious feelings in your body. There are times where anxiety can be controlled, but when it grips the body, it becomes a disorder that needs help from a medical professional.

Did you know that these signs of anxiety are also a symptom of depression? You’ve come to the right place to seek medical help from a doctors at Brunswick who is ready and willing to manage your anxieties and provide adequate treatment so you can begin to live your life without feeling anxious within any situation. Start by contacting us here today.

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