Men’s Medical Care at Brunswick

Australian men often want to “tough it out” when they have signs of medical issues, but that’s not the optimal approach to your sexual health. Most things won’t come right by themselves, and early intervention can help you mitigate the potential health consequences of leaving a condition untreated for too long.

At the Lotus Medical Centre in Brunswick, we support doctors who understand that sexual health is an uncomfortable subject, which is why all male patients are treated with respect and compassion. All of the doctors we support are experts in men’s health and will provide their patients with the advice and treatment you need when you need it.

Sexual Health

Sexual health can refer to several different areas of men’s health. It can refer to sexually transmitted infections, intercourse or erection problems, or contraception. All these areas require different approaches.


You can pass on a sexually transmitted disease via skin-to-skin contact, across mucosal membranes, and via bodily fluids. If you suspect you may have an infection, book an appointment with your doctor for a screening. Your doctor will look at the physical symptoms and will likely conduct a test to identify your condition before proposing treatment options.

The doctors we support, also provide pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and offer care for their patients with existing HIV infections.


A vasectomy is an easy and painless method of male sterilisation. It prevents sperm mixing with semen by interrupting the connection between the testes and prostate while still allowing for normal sexual function.

Premature Ejaculation Management

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction that affects around 20% of all men at some point in their lives. Treatment of PE involves combining therapies—including medication, behavioural, and psychological—to achieve the best results.

If you have any concerns about your sexual health, don’t hesitate to seek help. Call the Lotus Medical Centre on (03) 9380 1588 to book an appointment with your doctor today!