Major Depression Symptoms – Explained

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There are many different forms of depression (believe it or not), and each has its own individual symptoms. Depressive symptoms transcend from a relatively mild severity, low to severe moods and long-term symptoms that impact the overall quality of life.

It is important to note that being depressed isn’t the same as not being happy. Depression is a mental health term loosely used to describe how we feel after a bad day at the office. Although, clinical depression is something deeper and complicated. Clinical depression is an illness that many struggles to break free from, to a point where external factors such as work and social life no longer play a role or have an impact.

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So, What Is Clinical Depression?

The term clinical depression, or major depression, describes one who is severely or chronically feeling depressive, or formerly known as a major depressive disorder. Major depression symptoms are constant and unbreakable and are classed in the category of a mental illness. It is a constant state of hope, despair and worthlessness, and many typically seek professional doctoral help, psychological counselling or take prescribed medication to manage the major depression symptoms.

When clinically depressed, your conscience is in a state of a negative emotional cycle, where you regularly experience feeling low and sad.

Below explains the key signs of clinical depression. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, then seek professional support immediately.

  • Feeling Helpless And Hopeless – You’re in a dark place and your thoughts indicate that nothing will get better. You’re helpless to your situation and are unsure where and who to turn to.
  • No Enjoyment Of Activity – The activities that you usually perform are no longer enjoyable. Any hobbies or social activities are no longer something you want to do owing to sadness and lack of motivation. This may also include performing at work.
  • Insomnia – You’re regularly awake and you struggle to sleep owing to a train of thoughts and negative emotions that are keeping you awake. You may also experience regular oversleeping every day.
  • Chronically Low Self-Esteem – You don’t carry a positive opinion about yourself. You regularly perform self-criticism for any mistakes that you may have made. You hide away from social situations and struggle to speak up in fear of being judged or of having disagreements.
  • Signs of Anxiety And Agitation – Regular feelings of tension and fear that cause you to feel agitated and apprehensive. These thoughts are of concern and uncertainty.
  • Struggling To Move – You struggle to get out of bed in the morning and your movements seem regularly restricted throughout the day. This may also owe to regularly feeling tired.
  • A Lack Of Attention And Concentration – You struggle to communicate, or show a lack of attention to others or an activity.
  • Mood Swings – A sudden sign of happiness swiftly follows with sad feelings and thoughts.
  • Signs Of Suicide – You’re experiencing suicidal thoughts and feel like the only way to express the depressive pain is to commit suicide.

a lady feeling anxious and depressed

If you’re indicating any of these major depression symptoms, it is important that along with meditation for depression, you seek professional help at soonest. Our doctors in Brunswick have all the treatment options and support available that you need to unlock the root causes of these signs through recovery and coping management.

Depression can occur at any time, and it isn’t just restricted to men also. It applies to all demographics and genders. Depression can not only impact yourself, but it can also impact those around you and your relationships.

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