Osteopath Brunswick

Are you looking for a way to reduce pain and stiffness in your joints and muscles? Do you want to relieve chronic spasms and tenderness through non-invasive treatments? The osteopaths supported by Lotus Medical Centre in Brunswick can help.

What Does an Osteopath Do?

Osteopathy is a natural medicine that involves unique treatments for restoring your body’s normal functions. The osteopaths consulting from Lotus Medical Centre provide their patients with adequate therapy sessions to treat mild to severe pain in their muscles and joints that may result from illness, injury, or the stress of daily living.

Your osteopath uses their hands to treat your body using a combination of gentle treatments, including:

  • Moving your joints along their natural motion range
  • Massaging to relax the muscles and release your joints
  • Stretching inflexible and stiff joints

The Benefits of Visiting Your Osteopath in Brunswick

Your osteopath can treat the ache and discomfort you experience through non-invasive treatments. The treatments your osteopath uses can effectively alleviate and reduce pain in different areas of your body and treat headache, neck pain, lower back pain, and ankle sprain.

Depending on your medical history, your osteopath can recommend the right therapy to allow you to enjoy long-term benefits.

Patients of the osteopath’s that we support trust their osteopath to:

  • Remove the underlying cause of stress and pain
  • Increase the range of motions in the muscles and joints
  • Reduce stiffness in joints
  • Treat spinal issues resulting from spinal disk injuries
  • Decrease joint stress
  • Reduce body tension
  • Help the body to adapt to structural or hormonal changes during pregnancy

Osteopaths help their patients prevent severe symptoms of acute inflammation or an injury. The osteopaths consulting from Lotus Medical Centre will discuss their patient’s private health issues to determine what causes their pain and suggest the best solution for their problem.

Osteopaths consulting from Lotus Medical Centre, can provide relief from various chronic illnesses, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, and asthma. After a careful evaluation, they will create a custom treatment plan that will relieve their patient’s symptoms and encourage their patient’s body to heal itself. Some individuals choose to consult with an osteopath, alongside consultation with a experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Everyone can benefit from osteopathy. If you want to reduce stress levels, lower pain, and increase the efficiency of your body, reach out to book an appointment with your osteopath by calling (03) 9380 1588.