Medicare Fees

Rates and Rebates
Effective from 1st January 2024

At Lotus Medical Centre, we strive to provide exceptional care and spend extra time with each person. We ensure the best possible experience for our patients.

We are a private billing clinic, with a small gap aimed at allowing more time and better care. Payment is required at the time of the consultation. This includes Work Cover and TAC consultations as we do not invoice third parties or employers directly.

* Pensioners, Concession card holders and children 16 years of age and under billing:

– Pensioners, Concession card holders and children 16 years of age and under still get bulk billing consultations during weekdays.

  • There is $25 out of pocket fee (standard consultation) and $35 (long consultation) for pensioners, Concession card holders and children under 16 years old on Saturday as a weekend rate.

We have credit card and Eftpos facilities. We have the facility to submit your claim to Medicare electronically on your behalf, so you do not need to attend a Medicare Office. The rebate will be directly deposited into your bank account within minutes as long as you have an Eftpos card. 

* Non-pensioners and non-concession card holders billing:

Weekdays Weekend before 1 PM Weekend after 1 PM
Standard Consultation $80 (Rebate: $41.40) $95 (Rebate: $41.40) $105 (Rebate: $53.90)
Long Consultation $120 (Rebate: $80.10) $135 (Rebate: $80.10) $145 (Rebate: $92.45)
Prolong consultation $160 (Rebate: $118) $175 (Rebate: $118) $185 (Rebate: $129.65)
Standard Phone consultation $60 (Rebate: $18.95) $75 (Rebate: $18.95) $75 (Rebate: $18.95)
Long phone consultation $80 (Rebate: $41.40) $95 (Rebate: $41.40) $95 (Rebate: $41.40)

* Billing for the patients without a valid Medicare card or on private health insurances:

All pricing and fees assume access to Medicare subsidy. If no access to Medicare subsidy, pricing will differ. All non-Medicare card holders needs to pay upfront. Please refer to the below payment schedule: 

Item Fee
Standard Consultation $80 (Saturdays $95)
Long Consultation $120 (Saturdays $135)

* Home visits:

– Out of pocket fee applies for all home visits depending on the duration of the consultation and the travel time. Please call to our friendly receptionists and ask them about the home visit fees. Please note that our doctors do home visit just for the regular patients of the clinic.

* Phone consultations:

– Please note Medicare rebates are available for Telehealth consultations ONLY if you have been face to face at the practice over the last 12 months. New patients are still able to book Telehealth appointments, however, the Medicare rebate will not be able to be processed and the full private fee amount will apply.

  • Out of pocket fee applies for all phone consultations depending on the duration of the consultation and the doctor’s discretion. The phone consultation is still bulk bill for pensioners and Concession card holders.

* Procedure and skin cancer fees:

Current Fee structure for Skin Cancer Check for all patients including pensioner, concession card holders 

Medicare rebate and Total rate
Spot check $100 (Rebate: $41.40)
Full skin check $140 (Rebate: $80.10)
Skin lesion Procedures and excisions As per prior discussion with the Doctor plus extra $65 to cover surgical supplies for the procedure

– Procedure gap fees range from $50-$300 depending on your procedures. The payment for the skin check and the procedure is upfront.

* Failing to attend to any consultation:

Booking an appointment and not showing up takes a way appointment times for other people who might really need them. Failure to attend fees are more about keeping appointments for others.

Failing to attend an appointment or cancelling with less than 4 hours notice incurs a $50 fee. Cancellation fees must be paid in full before any future appointments can be booked or attended.