Women’s Health

Taking care of your reproductive health is vital, but many women struggle to find a clinic where they feel entirely comfortable. At the Lotus Medical Centre in Brunswick, Victoria, we develop relationships with all of our clients, fostering a sense of community and trust. No matter your health needs, we have the expertise to be with you every step of the way.

Prevention is better than cure, so schedule your women’s health check-up today!

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

Pre-pregnancy counselling will help you prepare for the next stage of your life, both physically and mentally. We advise women or couples who are ready to conceive, providing insights like:

  • How to keep track of menstrual periods
  • What prenatal vitamins to take
  • When to take a pregnancy test
  • Diet advice
  • Exercise tips

We recommend that all first-time mothers attend at least one pre-pregnancy session, as well as mothers who have ongoing medical concerns. We allow partners to attend and offer the mother-to-be all the support she needs during this exciting and sometimes-stressful time.

Cervical Screening Test/Pap Smear

A Pap test looks for abnormal cells and precancerous cells in the cervix. At the same time, we may also conduct an HPV test, which looks for human papillomavirus, to find the cause of any precancerous changes.

The procedure itself is very mildly uncomfortable but won’t cause any long-lasting harm or pain. Once your doctor has the sample, we’ll send it away to a pathologist for testing. You’ll usually get your results within several days, and your doctor can explain what your results mean.

Breast Checks

Regular breast checks can detect early signs of breast cancer. Your doctor will do a physical breast check during your scheduled women’s health exam. If you are over 50, we will also arrange a mammogram screening for a more thorough and detailed investigation into your breast tissue.

Family Planning and Contraceptives

It’s a woman’s right to start a family when she’s ready. While unplanned pregnancies may be a happy accident, most people prefer to make a conscious choice to begin their family. A planned pregnancy usually has a better impact on your health and mental well being than a happy accident.

Family planning involves the planned use of effective contraception. As soon as you’re ready to start or extend your family, you can stop using contraceptives. We help women choose the right contraceptives for their needs from a wide range of options, including:

  • Hormonal contraception
  • Long-acting reversible contraceptives
  • Barrier contraception
  • Permanent contraception


Implanon is a contraceptive implant that has a 99.95% success rate in preventing pregnancy. It’s the only subdermal contraceptive implant available in Australia, and it’s available at our centre. The implant is relatively painless to insert and remove, and our doctors can complete the procedure in a couple of minutes.

Menopause Management

Menopause can dramatically impact a woman’s life, so having a dedicated management plan can help you navigate this turbulent time. We offer several different treatments to address the array of symptoms that come with menopause.

If you want to schedule an appointment at our Women’s Health division of the Lotus Medical Centre, give us a call on (03) 9380 1588 today!