Your Diabetes Care Checklist

Diabetes Care Checklist

Managing diabetes feels like a never-ending cycle every day which can be exhausting. Keeping your diabetes control doesn’t have to be. At Lotus Medical, we can support you with a diabetes management plan, comprising of simple steps to help you manage your diabetes to avoid any serious diabetes complications in future.

As part of a diabetes management plan, there are certain aspects to your care that can ensure that your diabetes doesn’t overwhelm you, and a diabetes care checklist can help you with this.

Below outlines a diabetes care checklist that can help you.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth

Diabetes stems from the food and drinks you consume, but it is also important that you continuously monitor your oral health if you have high blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are not in control, this can impact the look and feel of your smile. It can lead to dental plaque buildup and increase the risk of gum disease. If you’re a diabetes patient, it is important that you visit the dentist when required and get regular dental check-ups.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

A basic requirement is to monitor your blood sugar levels. This requires taking readings of your blood sugar so that you’re able to assess the foods you can eat and if you need to take any medication. Recording this information is important as it can act as a tracking tool to show your doctor as part of your diabetes management plan.

Eat Healthy

Having diabetes unfortunately means that you need to cut back on sugar so it doesn’t flow out of control. Your blood sugar levels are impacted by what you eat and makes a difference in your readings. As part of a diabetes management plan, your doctor will identify the foods you need to eat to keep your food choices on track as part of your daily meal schedule.

Stick To A Sleep Pattern

Sleep is also an important part of your diabetes management plan. Poor sleep impacts your metabolism and sugar levels. Going to bed at consistently the right time and waking up after a good solid nights sleep is important. Find ways to wind down at night so you can sleep more soundly.

Stay Active

Your blood sugar levels remain low if you regularly exercise. It is recommended that daily regular movement at least five times per week helps to improve blood flow, relieve stress, keep sleep quality high and boost your energy levels. These are all positives when managing your diabetes.

Living with diabetes is possible and it is also relatively straightforward providing you continue to consistently monitor your sugar levels and perform the diabetes care checklist steps that the doctor gives to you as part of a diabetes management plan. Always monitor how you feel throughout the process as well because diabetes can impact your mental health too.

If you’re a diabetic patient and need support with your diabetes management plan, we are here to help you. Contact us here now and let us help you get started.