What Happens During A Mental Health Assessment?

a woman feeling depressed

A mental health assessment is performed by a doctor to check if you are showing signs of mental illness. Any signs of this can allow the doctor to assist you with strategy or treatment plans to help recover from it.

Poor mental health, particularly depression, is one of if not the biggest forms of illness. It can negatively impact how we feel, how we interact with others, demonstrate low energy, and even impact how productive we feel throughout every day. If these symptoms start to impact your daily life, it is a sign that you need a mental health assessment or support from a mental health professional.

A mental health assessment is formed of certain steps. Here is what to expect.

Initial Interview

After the meeting and greeting formalities, the doctor will first observe how you feel. This is a way that the doctors can identify any clues to any mental health symptoms. Then, the doctor will begin to ask the necessary questions to assess your current situation. The interview will also involve understanding your medical and personal history, and understanding the symptoms that you’re suffering from. This may also include issues with alcohol or drugs. Any questions that the doctor asks will need to be answered as truthfully as possible for the best support and care.

Physical Examination

A mental health assessment also includes a physical examination. The doctor will ask about any medications you’re taking and assess any history of mental illness disorders. If there are any physical conditions that you already experience, it is important to voice this to the doctor when asked.

Mental Examination

The doctor will want to observe how you’ve been feeling. This can have a connecting impact on your thoughts, actions and behaviours, such as feeling depressed, feeling stressed, suicidal thoughts and social anxiety. The doctor will likely want to know more about how your feelings impact daily life and how you feel throughout the day. Such as, do you feel regularly low? Are you anxious? Are you more reserved?

Lab Tests

A normal element of a mental health assessment is to is conduct a urine and blood sample. The doctor will want to identify if there are neurological problems and if so, may order a CT test or MRI scans. The doctor may also request you to complete a standard questionnaire in order to assess any signs of depression and understanding your daily functioning, such as are you able to perform daily activities?

a patient at a mental health assessment

What Happens Next?

Once the mental health assessment is complete, the doctor will have a better understanding of what you’re suffering from and they’ll be able to confirm the diagnosis and appropriate form of treatment. Each diagnosis and treatment plan is individual to everyone’s needs. A treatment plan can include options such as therapy and medication.

Treatment is always available with a Brunswick doctor. There is no need to struggle with any mental illness by yourself. A mental health assessment allows you and your doctor to accurately assess your state and struggles to determine the right treatment for you.

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