4 Major Signs That You May Need To Visit a Therapist

visiting a therapist

There are many types of feeling that our human body and mind experience. At some point in our lives, these feelings become overwhelming and stressful, so much that it impacts our daily lives. Of course, there could be many personal issues and reasons for this that are individual to every person.

With negative mental health, it can be difficult to know what’s causing it, or know and understand how to deal with these feelings. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, anxiety are common signs of negative mental health. Seeking therapeutic support to help is now considered important for those who suffer needlessly and to avoid problems becoming worse.

Identifying any of these signs could be an indication that visiting a therapist is an encouraging option to seek.

an image of a lady suffering with depression

Nothing Seems To Work

You’re attempting to cope with your negative feelings and emotions by yourself and nothing seems to work. This will make you feel even worse. This could range from feelings such as sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness, however, your own coping skills seem to be failing you. Seeking support from a professional is a great starting point. They will seek to understand your thought patterns and then start to encourage coping mechanisms that you should try. Not only this but visiting a therapist can help you become more consciously aware of your thought patterns and promote better self-awareness.

Traumatic Experiences

Any traumatic experience, whether it be a break-up, death or the loss of a job, can naturally require therapy to help nurture your thoughts and feelings towards it. Grief can impact life activities and functioning, causing you to withdraw from relationships and feeling less engaged. Unlocking those thoughts by visiting a therapist can ensure you share these feelings and thoughts in confidence and explain how it is impacting you. Reactions to a traumatic event are again individual to everyone, and visiting a therapist for support would be very beneficial to cope with trauma.

Suffering With Depression

Depression can sometimes become an indescribable feeling. Depression indicates a feeling of helplessness where you may feel lost within yourself and your thoughts are taking you into a dark place. The problem with depression is it can be difficult to avoid feeling it when on your own. Seeking a therapist’s help can allow you to share these depressive symptoms in confidence so the professional can help you unlock why you’re feeling depressed and to help you make sense of those feelings.

Your Family And Friends Are Concerned

Being referred for therapy may also be a great idea if friends and family believe they’re seeing patterns of concerns or abnormality in your behaviour and personality. If you’re sharing your problems with family and friends, yet are struggling to find the right support, seeking professional help will lead you in the right direction.

lady feeling symptoms of depression

Do You Need Therapy?

Any sort of prolonged negative feeling and emotion can significantly impact your life and health. If you believe you need to speak to someone in confidence about any fears and negative thoughts, we have adequate support ready to help you. From psychologists to help with anxiety disorders, depression and overall life concerns, or general therapy to simply talk, we have you covered. contact our doctors at Brunswick here and we’d be more than happy to help you.

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